Already a Uptown Athletic Club Member?

Great! Just contact us for the details, or just stop by. The first class is always free. Boot Camp classes are instructed and supervised by certified personal trainers Cordelle White and Jenni Rom.

THE UAC BOOT CAMP membership involves a variety of workouts
and has class options throughout the day.

Bootcamp Perks
  • Fitness classes planned, supervised, and taught by certified personal trainers.
  • Initial fitness assessment. Includes BMI and Body Fat percentage measured.

Measurements Taken:

  • Muscular Strength
  • Muscular Endurance
  • Cardiovascular Endurance
  • Body Composition
  • Flexibility
Our Technique

We provide modifications for all exercises in order to accommodate for previous injuries, as well as target your specific fitness goals. Every class is planned and designed so that all levels of fitness can safely participate and attain the benefits of fitness that fits your individual fitness goal. Fitness is always a great plan for overall wellness and quality of life. We can’t wait to see you.


This is a 3-month commitment to a program that is a BOOT CAMP, but not as strict as something like the army.

 To receive a quote please feel free to Contact us!

  • Detailed 6-week and 12-week progress fitness assessments.
  • Nutrition discussions as desired.
  • Class options throughout the day (early, lunch, evening).

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Great gym. Clean facilities, plenty of free weights, machines or cardio equipment to meet your preference. Staff is extremely friendly and knowledgeable for any questions you may have. 10/10 would recommend you check it out.